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What is Plant Deli?

Developing new and innovative products to meet changing consumer tastes has been at the heart of Dawn Farms for 39 years.

With an increasing number of consumers looking for bigger and better meat-free options, we were inspired to create Plant Deli, a range of great tasting plant-based protein options that are big on taste and backed by the same renowned craft and expertise as our extensive range of meat products.


If you want to cater to customers looking for more diversity in their diet, our Plant Deli range delivers.

3792 Plant Deli Chik'n Tikka Strips.jpg


  • Produced in-house by Dawn Farms in Ireland 

  • 100% plant-based – suitable for vegans, vegetarians & flexitarians 

  • High protein, low fat & clean-label options with B12 and Vitamin D fortification capabilities 

  • Sustainably sourced & fully traceable EU ingredients 

  • Ready to eat – developed for pizza, sandwich, ready meal and snack applications

3852 Plant Deli Toona.JPG


  • Meets consumer demand for plant-based alternatives 

  • Clean label, fortified, high protein high quality options 

  • UK changes to clean label requirements 

  • Innovative and on-trend products for menus – Offering consumers more choice 

  • IQF frozen increases shelf life, reducing food waste 

  • Ready to Eat, increasing efficiencies for labour saving

3782 Plant Deli Burger.jpg


  • Safe, secure supply chain, transparency from farm to fork

  • Food Plus: our world-class food safety & quality promise

  • Going the extra mile to protect and enhance our customers’ brands.

3743 Plant Deli Roast chik'n strips.jpg


  • A carefully chosen selection of Dawn Farms’ finest signature products.

  • Highest of standards and relentless attention to detail.

  • Authentic, simple and responsibly sourced ingredients.

3100 Plant Deli Black Beans.jpg


  • 38 years of culinary craftsmanship, passion & knowledge.

  • Sustained investment in the best people, processes, and technologies. 

  • At the cutting edge of food development.

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